The above graphic is created by Eric Grenier at threehundredeight.com, embedded with his permission. I encourage you to view his site and follow @308dotcom for interesting and engaging poll-by-poll analysis.

Thank you to everyone who is getting involved in the 41st general federal election. Whether you are a campaign volunteer, an elector ensuring you have an informed opinion, a candidate for any party, or a public servant ensuring our democratic processes run smoothly and with integrity… Canadians are lucky to have you.

Grand River CarShare is the region's non-profit carsharing co-operative. To paraphrase Tommy Douglas, Jason "Dreams no mini dreams."

You may know Jason from his role as President of Grand River CarShare over the last five years. Currently, Jason also serves at a provincial level, where you may find him moving sound policy forward as Horseshoe Region Representative for the Green Party of Ontario Provincial Executive, and as a member of the Customer Service Advisory Committee at GO Transit.