Regional Council debates for Kitchener Candidates

Thanks to the Working Centre for their leadership in presenting the Regional Council debate for Kitchener last night.

Head over to The Working Centre’s All Candidate Meetings site for the audio from our debate, as well as two other recordings for city candidates in Wards 9 and 10. Click on the player to hear your candidates, or use the download link to see a page that breaks down the timeline of the debate for each question.

Here are the time points for the recording that will allow you to hear what I had to say in about twenty minutes. If you do have time to listen to all the candidates (just under two hours), please do so!
Preamble 14:00-14:44
Intro 14:44-17:06
Why Light Rail Transit matters 25:38-27:15
LRT for lower taxes 34:37-36:13
GO buses and other transit issues 44:49-45:59
Our water supply 51:45-53:22
Role of schools in the community 1:07:30-1:09:00
Other cities’ successes 1:13:29-1:14:45
Out of the Cold & transportation 1:19:05-1:20:14
Open Data 1:25:59-1:26:59
Tax increases 1:31:34-1:33:02
Closing remarks 1:38:50-1:40:15

As you may know, there was also a televised debate on Rogers TV (20), but there are no current plans to put that online or rebroadcast it. So, I am very thankful for the chance to encourage voters throughout Kitchener to listen to last night’s event.

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