Comments to the RofW Rapid Transit study

Here are the comments I submitted to the Region of Waterloo Rapid Transit team…

“My choice would be Option L9, all LRT, or L9 adjusted with termination at Ainslie Street and Conestoga Mall (without service to St. Jacobs). The most expensive option is to wait. I would project that costs of such infrastructure will rise quickly, as will the costs of automobile dependency for potential riders. We urgently need this kind of investment in our community. We must act with ambition, and make the best use of the generous funds available from provincial and federal sources. As a resident of Kitchener, my region includes Cambridge and I agree with many residents there that they deserve to see rail in the first phase (what a dynamic way to inspire transit mode share growth in their city). Rail provides the best results for my tax dollars, moving passengers more cost efficiently and with less pollution. It is just what the developers who invest in our community need to inspire core area intensification, and it is what will attract and retain highly mobile talent for our future economy. Building any section of the RT corridor with a short-lived BRT or aBRT is wasteful and lacks vision. I am confident that once the LRT is in service, our conservative ridership projections will be rapidly eclisped, and (as has happened in so many other communities) neighbours in other areas will be arguing for the next line to serve them.”

So, there you have it, my position in a nutshell. Looking forward to the process wrapping up soon so that we can get some construction jobs underway. To learn more about Rapid Transit plans in Waterloo Region, check out their website.

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