Time for high speed rail in Canada

As part of the federal election, the Green Party has challenged all parties to agree on a few fundamental improvements to our economy, environmental, and society. I couldn’t agree more with Elizabeth’s ambitions for high speed rail: it’s time.

Given the billions of dollars that the Conservatives would like to spend on F-35 jets, we can certainly afford this investment. This is not something we can outsource; the jobs for building such infrastructure are right here, in the communities that will be served by high speed rail stations. Many of the companies that build these systems, and the equipment that runs on them, are headquartered right here in Canada as well.

High speed rail will drmatically expand the talent pool for employers, meaning they get a better shot at finding the ideal person to fill every position for a highly productive economy. This is because the commuting range is doubled or tripled. This also allows train travel to compete with both driving and flying for trips over medium distances (between one hour’s drive and one hour’s flight), reducing congestion on our highways and at our airports. Of course, the lifestyle that such infrastructure provides is attractive to the kind of highly mobile global talent that our urban regions need to compete.

There are many more reasons why high speed rail is an ideal investment. Personally, it’s quite simple: I want to ride a 21st century system.

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